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Tendering platforms


In the republic of Belarus tender procurements are carried out mainly by companies with state ownership. The flagships of the Belarusian industry are represented by Belaruskali, Belorusneft, GrodnoAzot, Naftan, Mozyr Oil Refinery, BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ, BMZ, Belshina, along with the enterprises of power systems, transport, medical and food industries.

Most of the announcements on procurements in Belarus are published on the website of RUE National Center for Marketing and Price Study ICETRADE (Internet Center of Electronic Trade) www.icetrade.by

Procurements that are made in electronic trading mode are published and carried out on the Electronic Trading Platform of the mentioned National Center for Marketing and Price Study www.goszakupki.by

Bidding, electronic auctions and requests for price offers are also carried out by OJSC Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange www.butb.by

In addition, procurement announcements are published on the websites of the city and regional executive committees, as well as on the corporate websites of the customer enterprises.