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Work layout


If you do not know yet which tenders you plan to participate in:

1. You make a bid search on trading platforms of Belarus, or we can do it for you and send you as a list and/or links.

2. You inform us about potentially profitable tenders to you.

3. We point you towards nuances you should pay attention to.

4. You make a decision on participation.

If you already decided to take part in a tender:

1. If necessary, we assist you in accreditation and EDS obtaining.

2. We prepare an application.

3. You receive a package of tender documents containing customer’s requirements.

4. We send you a list and samples of documents that you will need to provide (letters from bank and tax inspection, certificates, reference lists, reviews, technical information).
PLEASE NOTE: failure to provide of some documents may lead to disqualification of your company. We will warn you of such a risk in order to avoid further unnecessary time and money expenditure.

5. We write a bid proposal with all the necessary applications (specifications, descriptions, letters etc.) in a ready-to-print format (doc, xls, pdf) and send it to you.
After you review the documents, we expect from you the payment for this part of our work.

6. If necessary, we assist you in documents translating and certificates obtaining.

7. You submit the bid proposal, autonomously or with our help.

8. If necessary, we interact with the bidding commission in the process of reviewing the bid proposal, advising you on all emerging issues.

9. In case of your win, we accompany the preparation and signing of the contract.
The final payment is made.